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The mobile bars

my mobile cocktail bars are all self-built. With great attention to detail, they are decorated to match your events and cocktails. The Beauty Bar can be extended to 4 meters as a two-part model, making it ideal for trade fair stands or celebrations for up to 500 people. Pictures are available on request. All three bars are indirectly lit so that every cocktail can be viewed even at a late hour. We love communication. In the team as well as with our guests. Each cocktail tells its very own story with the bartender who created it. Let yourself be surprised and look forward to cocktails that were unique in Germany until a year ago.


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THE BEAUTY I - Mobile Design Bar

THE BEAUTY II - Mobile Design Bar

THE ONE - Mobile Bar

Die flexible Cocktailbar für das Cocktail Catering ist basierend auf dem G- Rack System, welches je 60 Centimeter erweiterbar ist. Die Verkleidung kann leicht und schnell an dein Corporate angepasst werden. Probiere es gerne auch im Online Baukasten selbst aus und passe Farbe Branding an. 


Aktueller Preis für 1,80 Meter sind 250€ Netto.